About Us


Reco-Pup started when we brought home our Cockapoo, Monty. When purchasing dog accessories, we realised that we wanted to extend how we try to be as Eco-conscious as possible onto the things we also purchase for him. With this, we started making accessories using 100% re-purposed textiles.

Why do we use repurposed textiles?

Sustainability is our foundation.

20% of industrial water pollution comes from treating & dyeing textiles and it takes 700 gallons of water to produce enough cotton for one t-shirt. Fragile ecosystems are damaged for decades and chemicals that will affect our health are released in our groundwaters. We believe there’s a better future, without mining and with more conscious choices. That’s why we’re here.

All of our textiles are bought from local charity shops, we pick out the best quality fabrics that are full of life whilst giving funds to local charities. Any new materials or utensils purchased e.g. elastic are purchased using only local independent shops. Even our sewing machine is powered using renewable energy!  

So how do we do it?