• Crisp Yellow Bandana- New Autumn Collection

    All Accessories are handmade to order using 100% Upcycled Repurposed Materials. Also available in Bow or Bow and Bandana Set. 4 sizes available:

    EXTRA SMALL: (e.g. dachshund, chihuahua, yorkshire...)

    Width: 14.5cm: Fits on collar up to 3.5cm


    SMALL: Ideal for cats and small dogs (e.g. westie, miniature cockapoo…)

    Width: 19cm: Fits on collar up to 3.5cm


    MEDIUM: Ideal for medium-sized dogs (e.g. French bulldog, springer spaniel…)

    Width: 21cm: Fits on collar up to 4cm


    LARGE: Ideal for medium to large dogs or (e.g. husky, Labrador…)

    Width: 24cm: Fits on collar up to 5cm

    For a non-standard size, you can send us your request by message!

    All Bandanas are slip through collar style.

    Smoke-free nature-friendly UK workshop.

    As all items are handmade patterns and colours may vary slightly from the images shown.

    For any questions or special requests, don't hesitate to write to me!


    Crisp Yellow Flowers Bandana

    • Sustainably Sourced 100% Repurposed Textiles